September 27, 2016 –

BS&B Safety Systems – the leader and designer of the first rupture disk (bursting disc) in 1931, is pleased to announce that has partnered with Industrial Systems Equipment Company Inc. (INSECO) and its affiliate Tecnología y Filtración Industrial SRL (TECNOFIL) to exclusively promote and sell its rupture discs and flame arrestors products in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic respectively.

INSECO a solid name in providing technology solutions for the industrial markets that they serve provides the technical knowledge and experience in supporting BS&B Safety Systems in developing the market.

BS&B Safety Systems teams up with INSECO & TECNOFIL to offer a worldwide network of engineering, manufacturing and support services including:

• Technical Support
• Customer Service Support
• Fast-Track Shipping Services
• Complimentary Product Seminars
• On-Site Installation Services
• On-Site Supervision Services
• On-Site Audit and Recommendation Services
• Maintenance Training Program
• Field Engineering Services
• High Volume Manufacturing Capabilities
• Customize Designed Rupture Disks (Bursting Discs)