To all our clients and friends: INSECO is back and operational since Tuesday, September 26, 2017 after the horrendous hurricane Maria experience.

There are some challenges, particularly with telecommunications, gasoline, food, accessibility and others, but we are back to support our customers in Puerto Rico and ready to tackle our responsibility in helping rebuild our island.

Our main telephone systems are offline, but for your immediate support for equipment, parts, and service our alternate lines are operational: 787-793-3620 and 787-273-0583.

You can also direct any inquiries via email to:

Our Sales & Aftermarket Support Team is also available via mobile telephone (SMS capable):

Jesus Raymond – Biotechnology Customers 787-599-7335
Alexis Amador – Pharmaceutical & Process Industries 787-640-5397
Josean Rivera – Pharmaceutical & HVAC Systems 787-435-3095
Jannella Toledo – Pall Customer Service & Aftermarket 787-614-3579
Aida Rosario – Customer Service Support 787-249-8717
Ivette Gonzalez – Aftermarket 787-640-6202
Juan Negron – Compressed Air Systems (Sullair & HITACHI) 787-649-6150
Valerie Santos – Compressed Air Systems Aftermarket & Service 787-224-6388
Esther Couvertier – Compressed Air Systems Aftermarket & Service 787-452-3884